Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ubuntu Is Killing Your Laptops Hard Drive

Let me start of by saying as a ubuntu linux user I'm very disappointed with linux.

Apparently there are bugs out there that are destroying your hard drive and you may not even know about it.

dont believe me ? please take the time to read this thread

This thread used to be called "ubuntu is killing my hard drive and yours too"

Something along those lines, don't know why it was changed , perhaps they found more details about the problem.

This bug has been fixed in gutsy's kernel , but why wasn't such a serious problem fixed sooner and why weren't people warned ? How many people have been using ubuntu on their laptops without even knowing they are reducing their hard drives life span ?

While that problem above is fixed this next one is NOT:

im not a linux expert but it appears the default HD power management settings no good.

My dell inspiron suffers from the above problem and i would like ubuntu developers to have this fixed or at least put put a warning so people know.

Its really ashame that were having these problems, ubuntu has so much potential and as far as my desktop goes i have completely replaced windows.

Ubuntu is having some serious bugs and these need to be taken care of and as much as i hate to put linux on a blast, i feel i have to raise awareness so the developers can take these bugs seriously cause gutsy its almost 2 weeks away from being released and these problems some of these serious problems have no been fixed.